When design agencies and packaging companies combine to come up with a ‘look’ for a new brand or product, it is vitally important they realise the importance of the label.

The distinct label on a product is one of its most identifiable features and is often the trigger for instant brand recognition by the all-important consumers.

The role of a label in today’s marketing world is vital. It can contain a large amount of information about a product that is governed by laws and regulations (especially in the food category) but it is also a hugely important part of the brand’s design and packaging.

Competition in these incredibly challenging times is intensely fierce and relentless; so, anything that can really make your product stand out on-shelf in retail outlets is hugely significant and should not be under-estimated.

Everyone is so busy in today’s exhausting world, so quickly grabbing a shopper’s attention and keeping their interest should be at the forefront of the thoughts of everyone working on product and packaging design.

Ensuring the label is an integral element of the pack design is not enough – it needs to be prominent as it is often the nudge a consumer’s subconscious needs to instantly identify and recognise their preferred brand.

High-quality labels should therefore never be an afterthought; indeed, it can be argued that designers should start with the label and build the rest of a product’s look around it.

Let us try to bring that to life with a couple of analogies: the label is the creative, skilful midfielder around which the rest of the football team is built.

It is also the crazy lead guitarist who provides the glitz, glamour and razzmatazz while the rest of the band keeps the rhythm going in the background.

Get the picture?

Shoppers want to see the label first before they bother to peruse the rest of a product’s packaging.

They may not know they wish to see it first, but believe us, their subconscious mind is desperate for information during a shopping trip.

It is constantly scanning store layouts as it wants to be attracted to brands and it wants to approach them and pick them up.

The label is the catalyst for all this. It screams out “choose me!” and is the real reason potential buyers decide to purchase your product.

First impressions are everything when trying to make anything stand out.

They go a long way to influence how people perceive anything. Companies and organisations spend hundreds of millions of pounds on new product design and tweaking current packaging of their brands, so it is vital they never forget the role of the label. And it is vital that they never forget to ensure the label is always of very high-quality – quite simply, the label is what makes many, many people decide to buy your product.

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