As we hopefully leave the winter behind us and head towards lovely Easter weather, we thought we’d ask one of our team to tell you what it is like to work at Kingfisher Labels.

So, allow us to introduce Alexandra Phelps who is our Business Development Manager.

“I love my job at Kingfisher Labels because of the genuine spirit of collaboration and cooperation that exists everywhere you look.

Everyone shares the same vision, and we are all dedicated to the mission. We always know what the company is striving to achieve, and we are all in it together. This creates a real family environment where everybody is there for each other. It is a great place to work – the atmosphere is always positive, and our shared goals all revolve around helping our customers and helping each other.

Another big reason I enjoy my job is because it is clear the people I work with really care about me – both as a person and in terms of my professional development.

And it is great having a voice that is heard, the company listens to all ideas and the whole team works together to make them happen. We all support each other and offer creative feedback to make our ideas a reality. It is great being appreciated and listened to; I feel this is all too rare in today’s corporate world.

Kingfisher Labels is a company that really understands the pressures of modern life and the importance of work-life balance. I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job, the company trusts me to produce high-quality work and results and I work hard to maintain that level of trust because it keeps me engaged and motivated.

Variety is something I really need in my job and the labels industry does not disappoint in this regard. It is always changing, always evolving and we get to watch the process of a simple idea grow into something special. Every day is different, and it is a constant adventure.

The demands of every customer can be so different, so we all must be very focussed on improving Kingfisher’s output and this makes you feel good when the day is done. Constantly striving to improve yourself and the company is very motivational and the results we all achieve together make it so very worthwhile.

But no-one is allowed to slip into a comfort zone – we are constantly encouraged to achieve more because the company believes in us. When we are up against strict deadlines, with perhaps one shot to get it right, and we pull through and make it happen, well, this gives us a real sense of accomplishment and it is obvious that our efforts are always appreciated.

Kingfisher Labels is a very busy but creative environment. Everyone truly gets along – there’s no egos, no politics, no hidden agendas – just a great place to be where everyone pulls in the same direction.”

Thank you for those comments Alexandra! So there you have it – we couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

For more information, and to start your journey with Kingfisher Labels, please contact our Sales Director, Andy Watts on 01454 321456 or email Andy:

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