Brexit: another opportunity for growth

Kingfisher Labels has always been proud to be based in Yate, Bristol, contributing to the local community and economy. Over the last twenty-three years we have experienced significant growth but also challenging periods of commercial uncertainty. Throughout our history we have approached both scenarios in a similar way, we regard them as opportunities.

In our recent blogs we’ve talked about how technology has changed our industry. However, there are many aspects of our business that haven’t really changed at all.

Whilst the processes and designs may have become more intricate and extravagant and the content of labels has increased, the basic premise behind the purpose hasn’t, and won’t, change. It’s more about a natural progression and broadening our horizons. The question we often ask ourselves is, how can we open up new markets, categories and opportunities?

Whilst the litho and board printing industry in Bristol has declined greatly over the last fifty years, the small number of label printers has remained remarkably consistent and competitive. Therefore, we need to be able to offer a point of difference on crucial customer expectations, like capability, dependability, quality and service.

Whilst we can control how we approach fresh opportunities, there are occasionally wider economic considerations that we must build into our thinking and planning. Brexit has definitely become one of those.

We have reviewed our business, suppliers and customer base, and we simply fail to see how leaving the EU will change how we operate. In fact, we can only see greater opportunity. We have European clients and if tariffs on materials are introduced, then it will affect everybody in a similar way. However, we also have many customers who want to buy locally and value the service we offer.

Our agility means we can react quickly to support our customers’ needs. Why would local customers want to buy from further afield and add unnecessary risk and complexity into their own supply chain?

There will always be economic factors that influence commercial decisions, whether it’s with a competitor or a customer, so all we can do is look after the interests of our business. There has been a lot of negativity around Brexit but our approach won’t change. We will continue to seek fresh opportunities to grow the business. We will remain flexible and agile so we are best placed to react to change and embrace fresh challenge. It really is as much a mindset issue as anything else.

And it’s not just about opening new markets. We are firm believers that you can do more for existing customers. Whether that’s increased business or simply going the extra mile on an existing project. We look after our customers and see the partnership as a long-term relationship.

We have also actively sought to raise our profile in the media and further increased our contact with clients to ensure they are happy with the service and relationship. Adding value by supplying a range of products within the print process is also an ongoing consideration for Kingfisher; we offer a comprehensive one-stop shop for businesses, we give them the complete package.

We’re constantly seeking new opportunities to progress and grow our business.

If you would like to take the first step in building your relationship with Kingfisher Labels, please contact our Sales Director, Andy Watts on 01454 321456 or e-mail Andy:

Photo courtesy of The Bristol Post

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