We are Kingfisher Labels Limited – a proud, Bristol-based company that was established 23 years ago.

Our mantra from day one has been simple, yet effective. We were determined to become a major player in the self-adhesive labels market by achieving steady, consistent business growth, through total customer satisfaction.

It sounds obvious but keeping our customers happy has helped us grow and be able to invest in state-of-the-art technologies to ensure our customers become even happier!

Yes, it’s a straightforward, down to earth philosophy, but it works. And it also reflects the profile of the company. Kingfisher employees are a fantastic group of passionate, dedicated local people who are totally committed to satisfying our customers’ business requirements quickly and efficiently while focussing on quality.


We continually talk to our customers. We ask them what they want. We listen to their answers. Then we deliver.

Yes, we are ruthless in our pursuit of quality and innovation but first we make sure we are moving in the direction that best reflects the evolving preferences of our diverse customer-base.

And we love what we do. Offering a high-quality label printing service covering a wide range of products and services is what makes us leap out of bed in the morning full of enthusiasm for the day ahead. From food and drinks labelling to the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors, our knowledge, experience and capability enables us to work across many different markets.

We expect to meet, and exceed, any print quality expectations regardless of the size of the print run. We are big enough to work with large multinational organisations and small enough to deliver a personalised service to all our customers – whether you’re a global brand or a local business.

Giving our customers complete peace of mind is our priority, so we are incredibly passionate about reliability. Every member of the Kingfisher team is driven in their desire to meet all deadlines and requirements, no matter how demanding they may seem. Helping our customers achieve their objectives makes them happy and makes us smile too.

But we don’t just ‘do’ – we are also good at listening and talking. In fact, we love to hear about your business and explore how we can grow together. Our highly-qualified team is always available to offer consultation on the manufacture and management of products and processes involved in the self-adhesive labels segment.

You just can’t stand still in this market if you wish to achieve consistent business growth. The market has changed immeasurably since Kingfisher was formed and we have learned so much. Our constant interrogation of the new technologies available has seen us invest millions of pounds in ensuring our customers receive labels produced by the best, most efficient, modern machinery. And we will strive to continually raise the bar for new standards in labelling and packaging excellence.

We are proud of our hugely committed team, we are passionate about remaining innovative, we are ruthless in our pursuit of excellence and we are dedicated to keeping our customers happy.


Kingfisher’s continued growth and our customers’ success go hand-in-hand.

To start your journey with Kingfisher Labels, contact our Sales Director, Andy Watts on 01454 321456 or e-mail Andy at andy@kingfisherlabels.co.uk

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