It was great to see Government figures last week suggesting the UK economy has started to show signs of recovery and encouraging growth.

This year has thrown up so many uncertainties as we’ve lurched into the inevitable economic crisis brought on by the global chaos a pandemic can cause. So many questions had to be asked by companies, organisations and individuals all over the world – How much worse can this get? How long is this going to last? What should we do about it?

Doing nothing is a risky strategy. But being rash or rushing into action can be nearly as damaging. Pressure grows in uncertain times and this often results in some companies implementing an un-coordinated, scattergun approach that can target the wrong problems and miss the right ones.

A disorganised approach can also generate a sense of panic and anxiety that can sweep through your workforce. This results in obvious, damaging effects from which it can take some time to recover. Panic will also distract people from seeing something crucially important – the hidden opportunities that hide amongst the regular, bad economic updates given out by the media in hard times.

At Kingfisher we took a step back at the start of Spring 2020. We took a deep breath, surveyed the chaotic trading conditions that were gathering pace and outlined a strategy that was both mindful of the need to adapt to the pandemic whilst showing a fierce determination to continue on our upward spiral.

Throughout last year we were delivering great financial results whilst sticking to an ambitious and progressive investment programme. So this year, we were not going to allow COVID19 to deter us from sticking to our principles and we were not going to let it disrupt our commitment to both our customers and our employees.

And that commitment includes investing in the best machinery and the best people to ensure we continue to deliver consistent growth through total customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we were delighted to announce recently that we have acquired a Bar Graphic EDSR rewind machine which takes the number of Bar Graphic machines at Kingfisher to six.

With die cutting speeds of up to 250m/min, this machine is the fastest in its class so we are really pleased to have added one of the best, most cost effective, compact, freestanding label die cutting machines on the market to add to Kingfisher’s already formidable armoury.

And our investment isn’t stopping there. We are now recruiting for a full-time customer service administrator to help ensure our growth continues. This is a really exciting opportunity and it is really pleasing to be in a position to add new team members to the Kingfisher family when most media outlets predicted a bleak and dismal outlook for everyone throughout 2020.

We are not pretending this year hasn’t been hard, but the determination of our fantastic employees to keep going and battle through these hard times has enabled us to keep our investment programme on track.

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