In the hectic modern commercial world, everyone seems hell-bent on chasing bigger and bigger customers as they want to be able to say they work with huge household names.

However, we believe that giving your smallest customers the same focus and attention shows that you care for all the people aligned to your business.  It highlights your integrity, and it creates a foundation for very strong customer loyalty.

The way you do business and the way you develop your customer-base reveals the values that your organisation lives or dies by.  If you allow yourself to deliver an inferior service to a customer that is perhaps not as profitable as some others, then you are compromising your own excellence and values.

At Kingfisher Labels, every single customer is equally important to us as we strive daily to achieve steady, consistent business growth through total customer satisfaction. We constantly review our customer service activities to ensure all our customers feel valued and feel they are getting top-class service from us.

And these are the questions we always keep front of mind to ensure we treat everyone equally from a service viewpoint:

Do we attach the same importance to every deadline? Disregarding deadlines for some orders in favour of bigger ones indicates how much value or importance you attach to each customer.

Do we apply the same customer service standards to every account? The same standards you use for the bigger clients should apply to your smallest clients.

Does the quality we provide on smaller projects match our bigger ones? This is so important, but it can often be overlooked by some companies who continually chase the approval of their bigger clients.

Do we follow-up calls and requests as quickly with our smaller customers as we do with our biggest ones? Again, some people think it makes sense to give their biggest customers more attention and respect than their smaller clients. We do not agree. It is important to value relationships with all customers equally because things can change quickly, and small clients can suddenly become big customers and orders from your bigger accounts can dwindle for so many reasons in these difficult times.

But even if a small customer always remains a small account, they are still vitally important to us. We ensure Kingfisher remains accountable to all customers, not just a select few. Feedback from every one of our customers is important to us as we build our business to provide the highest quality service and products.

All customers are out there talking about their suppliers to anyone who will listen, and we want to ensure we have given them reasons to say good things about Kingfisher Labels. We will always remember that how we treat our smaller customers is less about them and more about us and our integrity. If we do not treat the smallest customers well, someone else will.

For more information, and to start your journey with Kingfisher Labels, please contact our Sales Director, Andy Watts on 01454 321456 or email Andy:

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