We are still in uncertain times.

The global pandemic is still with us, it has not gone away. As a country and an economy, we have made significant progress in tackling the Covid crisis, but the finish line is not yet in sight. So, we must all simply keep going.

At Kingfisher, we managed to get through the mayhem of 2020 with minimal disruption to our business but now is a vitally important period as the UK slowly but surely climbs out of the abyss. It is important to stay sharp, stay at the top of our game and keep going.

We sometimes feel like a long-distance runner who doesn’t actually know how long the course is; when you can’t see a finish line how can you physically and mentally keep going at a certain pace?

In business, as in sport, our minds are full of amazing and emotional memories where we’ve achieved our goals, delivered against our game plans, completed rewarding projects, and ensured total satisfaction for our customers.

Business has many similarities with the world of sport. It’s fantastic to receive accolades and applause but it must be deserved. It’s thrilling to experience the height of competition and put in top performances that deliver real results, both for your own organisation and your valued stakeholders.

But if we only look at the medals and results, we may fall into the trap of believing that competitive instinct only kicks in when there’s something to be gained. The reality is that we need to perform at our peak all day, every day. It’s vital for a business to strive to constantly reach high and demanding standards – ‘training sessions’ are just as important as ‘cup finals.’

These words from the great Muhammed Ali sum this up perfectly:

“The fight is won or lost far away from the witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road; long before I dance under those lights.”

Given the challenges we’ve faced in 2020, many people and businesses will have thought about giving up. It’s so hard to keep going if you struggle to maintain your motivation so it’s never been more important to hone your competitive instincts, ‘train’ even harder and focus on winning again.

We have all had to deal with the unknown over the last 18 months and at Kingfisher we have taken significant steps to ensure we maintain our focus, review our preparation tactics and continue on our upward trajectory by delivering total customer satisfaction. We’ve ensured our competitive instincts are focused on all the right areas to ensure progress and success will follow.

So, the fight against the global pandemic continues. We’ve managed to keep running even though the finish line is not yet in sight. And we’ll say it just once more – you just have to keep going until you cross that line.

For more information, and to start your journey with Kingfisher Labels, please contact our Sales Director, Andy Watts on 01454 321456 or email Andy: andy@kingfisherlabels.co.uk

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