Supporting each other is now more important than ever.

At Kingfisher Labels we have thankfully managed to continue operating throughout this tumultuous year, but we know this country and its economy is not out of the woods yet.

We continually monitor the trading environment both at home and abroad to gauge the mood, intentions and trends demonstrated by our suppliers, trade customers and consumers and we’ve identified a definite intention and renewed determination amongst all three stakeholder groups to support British companies, organisations and the people who live here.

It has been great to feel the surge of collective spirit in this country as we continue to navigate through unchartered and dangerous times. And we are not the only ones to have picked up on this positivity.

A recent report from the Made in Britain trade association included a survey which examined consumers’ general motivations for buying British goods and how shopping habits may change after the COVID-19 pandemic. The results make interesting reading …


Buying British to support the economy.

The Made in Britain survey found that 90% of consumers believe it is important to buy British made products and 44% prefer to buy British regardless of cost. Almost seven in ten (69%) make a conscious effort to buy products made in Britain to boost the economy and 67% do so to support British jobs.

Furthermore, 65% believed their own individual shopping habits can make a difference to the UK economy (up from 57% last year) suggesting that people are becoming more aware of how their spending can boost the economy after seeing the effects of lockdown on UK businesses.


Buying British for better quality, ethical and environmental standards.

The Made in Britain report also highlighted how trust and quality remain key factors, with 48% of consumers saying British products were better than other countries’ products as they adhered to safety and quality regulations (compared to 43% in 2019) and 40% saying British goods were of superior quality.

Environmental concerns for the environment also featured prominently with 71% of Brits believing buying British could help the nation combat climate change and 58% agreeing the source of products and their carbon footprint is more important than ever.


Post Covid-19 shopping habits.

Of the consumers interviewed by Made in Britain, 46% believed their purchasing habits will change post-Covid-19 and 66% agreed they are more likely to buy British products since March 2020 because they see a bigger need than ever to support British businesses and boost the economy post-pandemic.

As John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain, said: “It’s clear that British shoppers are keener than before to buy British to stimulate the economy. When someone purchases a British product, they can be confident it’s well made, to ethical standards and it’s better for the environment.”

And it was good to hear Prime Minister Boris Johnson separately call on consumers to “shop with confidence” to give a boost to retailers hard hit by lockdown and financial insecurity.

We know how difficult it is for everyone at the moment but it is also very refreshing and reassuring to see how many consumers in this country are determined to support British businesses to help us all recover from this wretched year.

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