The importance of investing in people

As you may have seen from our recent press release, Kingfisher Labels was delighted to announce that its financial results for the 12 months ending January 2020 represented the best in our history. Compared to the previous financial year our turnover increased by over 20% to nearly £2m – a record for Kingfisher in the run up to our 25th Anniversary.

It goes without saying that the loyalty of our valued customers is a big reason for our consistent progress and we are determined to continue on our upward spiral. Therefore, we have implemented a multi-million pound investment programme into machinery, infrastructure and people.

As well as our customers, we also know how important our people are to our business. We have a superb team spirit within Kingfisher and this stimulates everyone to remain totally committed to satisfying our customers’ requirements for quality, speed, efficiency and value for money.

We will never take our customers for granted; the solid business relationships we have built with them mean so much to us and we are always determined to support them and ensure they are continually delighted with the services and products we provide.

And we are also totally committed to our people, our team.

We believe that investing in your employees is a great business opportunity. It builds your reputation in the marketplace as all companies wish to attract the best talent and potential into their organisation. Employees want to go to work knowing they are part of a company that promotes their personal growth whilst valuing their opinion. Feeling part of the company’s development and decision-making will ensure all colleagues feel part of the company’s success. And that is so important to us.

Engaged, focussed and motivated people will also help to establish better relationships with customers. How your team thinks and feels is a far better representation of your company than any quirky advertising campaign could ever be. Engaged employees = improved customer service = increase in sales. To us, it’s that simple.

And keeping a workforce motivated and happy undoubtedly fosters loyalty and retainment. Too many companies focus entirely on increasing the value of the relationships with their customers; they don’t place enough emphasis on their relationships with their own team. Losing an employee who feels dis-engaged and disgruntled can have heavy repercussions in terms of recruitment, retraining and lost skills.

At Kingfisher we place huge importance on putting our employees first.

We want them to relate to our goals, we’ve worked hard to gain and keep their trust and we always promote a feeling of mutual respect amongst everyone.

Our company will be 25 years old in 2021 and we are very proud of this forthcoming landmark. The last quarter of a century has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride at times but we have maintained our determination to succeed and we have delivered consistent business growth through total customer satisfaction.

A huge element of our multi-million pound investment programme involves people. We know we would not have achieved anything without our employees. They are the most important part of any business. Value them, or lose them.

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