The craft beer industry is booming in 2022, and Kingfisher Labels is proud to have become a trusted local supplier to numerous independent breweries.

From our collaborative, cooperative ethos to our emphasis on sustainability, we’re perfectly placed to foster strong relationships with some of Bristol’s most renowned independent breweries.

For many in craft beer, relationship-building is a crucial part of doing business. That’s a feeling we share over at Kingfisher, and it’s precisely why we’ve been able to help so many breweries innovate and rebrand.

If you’re a craft brewery searching for some eye-catching self-adhesive labels that are sustainably sourced and of the highest quality, read on and discover how Kingfisher can help.

Selling the Spirit of Bristol’s Beer Community

The East Bristol Brewery Trail comprises a big part of Bristol’s craft beer community. Kingfisher has produced self-adhesive labels for some of the most recognisable breweries along this trail, including Moor Beer, Wiper & True and Left-Handed Giant.

Establishing relationships with small independent breweries that push the boundaries and innovate in their industry is what we’re all about.

Like us, these businesses are focused on quality and uniqueness, and we’ve successfully created all sorts of funky, attention-grabbing labels for them.

We’re also just as well-equipped to assist traditional brands and long-established stalwarts as we’ve done in our work with Bristol Beer Factory. Whatever your craft beer labelling needs, our label printing machinery is up to the task.

As we’ve developed connections with breweries over the years, word of our skill has spread, and more and more craft beer companies have come to rely on us for great labels. Will your brewery be next?

Craft Beer: Growing with and Supplying the Beer Community

Sustainability in Labelling Solutions

Sustainability right down to the label is a ‘sticking point’ for many craft brewers.

Businesses have policies like the plastic tax to consider, and with more eco-friendly and vegan-friendly labelling alternatives hitting the market every year, the packaging and labelling industry needs to change with demand if it wants to keep up.

At Kingfisher, we’ve done exactly this. Our sustainable self-adhesive labels are primed and ready to order. We’re working with several options in the sustainable labels space, including corn starch labels.

For local craft breweries and bigger beer giants, our willingness to innovate and adjust demonstrates that we are a viable supplier not just for now but for the future.

Technological Capability in Beer Labelling

We meet challenges head-on at Kingfisher Labels. With many craft breweries looking to improve their design capabilities, our efficiency through technology serves them well.

With an assortment of finishes, varnishes and top-of-the-line label printing machinery at our disposal, we’ve been able to help Bristol Beer Factory rebrand their beers from traditional glass bottles to intricately designed cans.

Featuring a dynamic map of Bristol, their labels have a new sense of elegance, inclusivity and homage to Bristol…

We’ve also taken our skills further afield to work with Manchester-based firm Track Brewing Company. We printed on foil for the first time for Track Brewing’s labels, adding new layers to our experimentation and their designs…

Overall, we understand the complexities of beer labelling very well.

Once a drink’s ABV is attained, for instance, we understand that breweries need labels within 3-5 days (otherwise, the percentage changes). We can be flexible and adhere to a quick turnaround to accommodate this.

In fact, for brewers local to Yate and Bristol, we can have the labels printed in the morning and delivered by the afternoon.

An Exciting Future for Craft Beer

With a growing number of customers turning their tastes toward craft beer, we couldn’t be more excited by what the future holds for our new partnerships with independent breweries.

In early May, we’ll be filming a not-for-profit promo video showcasing our beer labelling skills and techniques, so keep an eye out for this if you’re interested – it’s one of many exciting upcoming developments for Kingfisher.

If you’d like to chat about your craft beer labelling requirements, reach out today to benefit from our expertise.

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