The future is beautifully bright at Kingfisher Labels for many reasons. This month, let’s spotlight two important investments contributing significantly to that bright future: On-site, we’re adding to our colour capacity, and in our wider Bristol community, we’re celebrating a season of rewarding community sponsorship!

As we explained at the start of 2023, this is the year of intelligent, growth-orientated and sustainable investment for our company.

All year, we’ve been working to improve and refine through label printing machinery updates and technique experimentation in collaboration with trusted brands (learn more about our work with Wiper and True in Converter Magazine). The latest update to these efforts is our investment in two additional print units, allowing us to bring even more colour to our self-adhesive labels.

We also feel strongly about bringing colour and brightness to the lives of young people in our local area, particularly girls’ teams, which are often underfunded. Thus, as May draws to a close, we’re proud to celebrate the end of the 2022/23 football season alongside our sponsored team – the Downend Flyers U12 Hawks, pictured above with our Operations Manager, Matt Smith.

Our Increased Colour Capacity

Our Increased Colour Capacity

One of our main priorities as a business is giving our customers the best possible results. We constantly improve our products in pursuit of this priority, as well as consistently working to increase our capacity and capabilities.

We started from humble beginnings, and we’ve grown a lot over the years. Lately, we’ve been upgrading our labelling technology to cater to the national clientele we’re able to attract at this point in our company’s journey. To help bring our clients’ visions for their labels to life even more accurately, we identified the need to expand the number of colours we could run simultaneously.

Then, we made a targeted investment. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve purchased two additional Edale print units, and we’ll now be able to run eight colours at any time, compared to the six colours we previously could.

We’re confident these units will soon begin to pay for themselves thanks to their ability to produce an elevated final product.

Whether you’re looking for a totally technicolour design or something simple and sleek, we can certainly help – and we’d love to hear from you.

Championing Bristol Youth

Sponsoring a local youth football team this season has been an absolute pleasure, and we’ve relished their success alongside them. The determined girls of the Downend Flyers U12 Hawks brought the 2022/23 season to a spectacular close with a 2-1 win at home.

Overall, the talented young team finished fourth in the league, winning 11 games and bringing six to a close draw. They lost just three games during the entirety of the highly competitive season.

Operations Manager Matt Smith, whose daughter plays for the Hawks, proudly congratulated the girls on their efforts.

He said, “Even though they narrowly missed out on promotion, the girls should be incredibly proud of how hard they’ve worked and how strongly they’ve supported each other through the season. They showed a constant willingness to challenge themselves, and I wish them the best of luck in their summer tournaments.”

As does everyone at Kingfisher Labels! We’ve massively appreciated the opportunity to support the next generation by sponsoring this team.

As mentioned briefly, girls’ and women’s sports teams are often not given the well-deserved funding they need to thrive. We feel strongly about brightening the lives of young people, investing in our local area, and bridging this funding gap.

A Summer Filled with Possibilities

A Summer Filled with Possibilities

It’s not just the welcome summer sun shining down on us over here at Kingfisher as we head into June – our latest investments are brightening our world!

As always, we’d like to sincerely thank all our returning and new customers for their support. We appreciate client loyalty and do our best to reward you for that loyalty via our continued commitment to levelling up our business, increasing our offerings, and bettering our self-adhesive labels. Watch this space for the next exciting update.

If you’d like to find out how we can support your business’s labelling needs, please contact us. We’d be thrilled to work together to make your packaging dreams come true.

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