With each expansion route we take in 2023, from growing our workforce to staying up-to-date with the latest labelling technology, we’re looking ahead. We’re planning our moves with precision. Here are four investments we’ve made so far this year to better Kingfisher Labels (and our local community) in the long term.

We’re only two months into the new year, but Kingfisher is already off to a strong start. So far, we’ve made several significant investments in areas ranging from label printing machinery to environmental sustainability, and we’ve kept one eye on the future in all that we do.

We’re honouring our eco-commitments, engaging with our community, and constantly priming our operational flow for future growth and success.

Thanks to these impactful changes to our business (and with more on the horizon), we’re stepping into March with a spring in our step and always staying true to our mantra – simple yet effective! Let’s explore the four investments in question…

Our Incredible Adjustable Anvils

As planned, we’ve started 2023 strong by investing in some new technology – two RotoAdjust automated adjustable anvils, to be specific. These intelligent die station equipment pieces use Industry 4.0 analytics, alerting operators about any failure points. Plus, RotoAdjust technology can highlight worn die station components to keep a machine performing at its best. Ideal!

The anvils were installed by skilled technicians from RotoMetrics and Maxcess, and we’re confident that they’ll streamline our operations and even further elevate the quality of the self-adhesive labels we produce for our customers.

We now have more capacity to cut perfect labels from various materials, including PET, Glassine and Kraft. Investing in great technology like these anvils is a central part of our strategy in 2023, and we’re thrilled to be walking the walk after talking the talk last month.

Our Flyers Football Sponsorship

If our anvils are an investment in the future of Kingfisher, our decision to become an official sponsor of Bristol’s largest girls-only football club is an investment in our local community and the next generation.

The Downend Flyers Under-12 Hawks, of whom we are now proud sponsors, are a team empowering and encouraging local girls to nurture their passion for the sport while staying active and making new friends. The team’s philosophy, a sentiment we wholeheartedly share, is ‘it’s hard to beat someone who never gives up’.

Our sponsorship will help to continue funding the Hawks, and we’re really excited to watch these talented girls score their way to victory (fingers crossed!) this season.

Our Waste Reduction Commitments

As a proudly sustainable labelling business, we always want to do what we can to protect the planet, and we’ve made an ongoing commitment to that which we uphold in all areas of our work.

As just one part of this commitment, we were recently declared compliant with the ‘Zero Labels 2 Landfill’ and ‘Zero Foil 2 Landfill’ schemes. Sponsored by BPIF Labels and run by Reconomy, these schemes aim to reduce the amount of foil and label waste going to landfill sites, and they recognise businesses that are putting in the work to make that happen.

Environmental friendliness is a priority for many of our clients, and we want them all to be assured that we feel the same. We’re always working to incorporate sustainable solutions and reduce waste (our hygienic, eco-friendly day dot labels are a perfect example).

Our Hellos and Goodbyes

Our Hellos and Goodbyes

Our workforce is the final significant investment we’ve made so far in 2023.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer support, and we’re expanding our customer service team so that we can continue to meet demand and maintain high standards.

As we welcome new colleagues into the growing Kingfisher family, we also take a moment to extend our thanks, best wishes and immense appreciation to Paul Davies. Paul recently retired from his role as a Printer at Kingfisher Labels after four years of fantastic service. We appreciate all his hard work and hope his retirement is filled with lots of well-earned relaxation!

If, like us, you’re aiming to invest in the future of your business, levelling up your labelling might be the perfect place to start. Get in touch to transform your packaging this March.

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