At Kingfisher, we’re proud of our labelling services. Our expert team and quality label printing machinery work harmoniously to produce eye-catching self-adhesive labels at the drop of a hat. We’re thrilled to announce that our expertise has been recognised this month, and we’ve won two gold awards at the Flexotech Awards 2022.

Flexotech is a significant player in the print industry press and the longest-running magazine under the Whitmar Publications banner. The magazine features all the latest news and essential editorials from the best minds in the packaging and printing trades.

We understand the importance of the work that Flexotech does, and we value their coverage of (and impact on) the latest labelling trends. That’s why it’s a total pleasure to share that we’ve won twice at their latest annual awards ceremony, coming home with gold awards for ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Best Print – Labels Process’.

Read on, and we’ll talk about the design that won and detail how we might create great, perfect-for-purpose labels for your business.

UK Breweries Love Our Award-Winning Labels

The particular label that won us our two Flexotech awards (though every label we produce is made to the same high standard) was designed for Moor Beer’s delicious Italian Pilsner lager. It has character, pops with colour, and aligns nicely with Moor Beer’s trademark and historic label styles.

We’ve been working with Moor Beer and other legendary UK breweries for some time. Our clients rely on us for quality labels and fantastic imagery, and we have no problem delivering both. Our printers use their talents to make labelling artwork that stands out on the shelves, and we always produce a result that goes the distance in terms of quality, too.

It feels wonderful to have been recognised as Best Newcomer. Although we’ve been in business for over 25 years, we’re just starting to become a nationally recognised company – an exhilarating feeling!

The Best Print – Labels Process Award is also a wonderful recognition of all our expertise here at Kingfisher. We’re proud of our reputation for quality, effectiveness and reliability in label printing.

We’re also always looking to create labels for new products, find new customers and build new business relationships. Our technology and proactivity have got us this far, and we don’t plan to stop the wheels any time soon.

Hazy Pale

The Key to Award-Winning Packaging is Great Technology

As you’ll know if you’ve read our blog about our professional connections with the local craft beer community, we provide high-quality, sustainable labelling solutions to Moor Beer, Wiper & True, Left-Handed Giant, Bristol Beer Factory and Track Brewing in Manchester.

We understand how important sustainable labelling is to the craft brewing industry, and we’ve streamlined our processes and minimised waste consistently as the years have progressed.

Those practices and innovations have been made possible thanks to the world-leading technology we’ve invested in. We believe that the most flexible, versatile, and game-changing labels need to be produced with the best label printing machinery.

Beer labelling is an art form, but we approach labelling for other industries with all of the same care and precision. Our customers know that our labels will last, that they are adaptable and eco-friendly, and that our ability to produce more will only expand as we grow.

Guaranteed Quality Every Time

We see quality labels through every stage of the process, from designing and printing to engaging customers.

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