In 2023, two things are at the front of most manufacturers’ minds – sustainability and standing out on the shelves.

At Kingfisher Labels, we’re confident these two priorities can coexist thanks to our continued investments in the latest labelling technology. Catching a customer’s eye over a competitor’s product is a must, and metallic labels are a great place to start…

We’re all aware that in an increasingly saturated, advertising-filled world, where consumers have more product options than ever, capturing attention takes careful consideration. A metallic glimmer might be just what your product needs to shine (literally and figuratively).

The most popular way to make metallic labels is via polypropylene film/PP, which allows for the easy incorporation of many shades into packaging. Cold foil is the eco-friendlier, non-plastic choice, but it usually comes in limited shades due to the way it’s made. Luckily, we’ve rolled out a new method here at Kingfisher that unlocks the true aesthetic potential of cold foil.

Our versatile, top-of-the-line label printing machinery allows people to create beautiful and sustainable metallic options…

A Bespoke, Eye-Catching Solution

Cold foil labelling is a planet-friendly option, but when we first began to implement cold foil processes and explore this avenue as an alternative to gold or silver foil PP, we knew we needed to find a way to open up its potential.

Ordering specialist shades for cold foil can take weeks, which isn’t ideal when so many clients are searching for fast, effective solutions. We wanted to quickly cater to every design and shade with a cost-effective, on-site solution. And guess what? Research from our amazing, award-winning team helped us to arrive at that solution.

We’ve discovered that printing a spot colour over a silver or gold foil unlocks a wide range of vibrant metallic shades. Our customers can now select from a massive range of hues, including Pantone colours and varnishes that exactly match the rest of their branding.

The marriage of sustainable and speedy is always a happy one, and we’re proud to have facilitated it at Kingfisher Labels!

Creating a Custom Metallic Label

Putting our new method into practice in the real world has only made us even more excited about its potential. We recently worked with Wiper and True, one of our most longstanding, loyal customers, to craft a label for their new alcohol-free beer.

Our first option for the Bristol-based brewery was to purchase a blue shade of cold foil from a German supplier, but its lead time was too long for our needs. So, we went back to the drawing board. We invited Wiper and True to our site, spent hours testing Pantone colours, and finally, triumphantly, found the ideal shade.

We printed that shade on silver cold foil, resulting in a final label that was equal parts eye-catching and environmentally sound.

In their words…

“We absolutely loved working with Kingfisher Labels to bring the design to life in fabulous foil colour for our first alcohol-free beer, Tomorrow. We worked hard with our designer, Hamish Makgill, to create a label that would be instantly recognisable as a Wiper and True beer. It needed to connect to our other core range products, whilst also standing out as its own distinct product group, since it’s important that consumers can easily spot alcohol-free products on a shelf. The Kingfisher team helped us pinpoint the exact shade of blue foil that would really bring the design to life, and help the can to really shine when in situ. Huge thanks to Alex and the whole Kingfisher team for their constant professionalism.”

Wiper and True are delighted to have created a standout label that doesn’t compromise its commitment to sustainability. And we’re pleased to have welcomed our client on-site to collaborate. (It’s something we’re happy to do whenever possible, so do get in touch if you’d like to arrange a visit yourself.)

Bristol-based brewery

Secure Your Sustainable Shelf Appeal

There’s a misconception among certain business owners that aesthetics must be compromised to protect the planet. But our new cold foil method is proof that you don’t have to choose. You can be kind to the environment, make your customers happy, and continue to turn heads with your perfectly-packaged products.

We continue to invest in our methods and products so that we can continue to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We couldn’t do any of this without our valued customers, both new and old, and we are so appreciative that we can keep growing, innovating and elevating.

If you’d like to find out more about how our self-adhesive labels could transform your products, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to discuss how we can work together.

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