Our relationship with label printing machinery manufacturer Edale has been central to Kingfisher’s success since our partnership began.

After two decades and nine investments in their high-quality products, we’re going to level up again with the purchase of a second brand-new FL1 Prime Press. We can’t wait for all the amazing opportunities it creates.

In the lightning-fast, constantly changing labelling industry, cutting-edge machinery is the best way for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. We’ve already managed to become a leading provider of self-adhesive labels across several industries thanks to the efficiency of our first FL1 Prime Press.

Now, we’d like to tell you how our business (and our customers, in turn) will benefit from a second machine of this kind…

Kingfisher and Edale: Built to Last

As a family-run business that thrives on creating strong collaborative working relationships, we knew we wanted to partner with Edale for the long haul. We connected with the manufacturer in 2001, just five years after Kingfisher Labels was founded in 1996.

Now, 21 years later, we’re proud to say we’ve been able to create that long-haul partnership we were searching for. Our professional connection is built to last, and there’s a reason for that: Edale machines are built to last, too. They’re simply the best pieces of printing technology, allowing us to keep up with our customer base’s diverse requirements easily and effectively.

Having stuck by our FL3 and flexographic Edale Presses for many years, we’ve been able to streamline our practices, reduce our waste and improve our design capability with each new investment.

Recently, we added our first FL1 Prime Press into the mix. This machine has a 6-colour capability, UNiPRINT technology, pre-registration and a very handy job storage feature. Long story short, it’s changed the game in terms of the level of quality we can provide.

Simple, Effective, Sustainable

How can we maintain our new level of quality? With a second FL1 Prime Press, of course. This new Edale machine’s installation in December 2022, together with our planned move to bigger premises, should leave Kingfisher Labels kicking off 2023 in the perfect position.

Edale understands our business development strategy, and the FL1 Prime is optimised to simplify upgrades and customisations.

Our expansion will go hand-in-hand with greater technological expertise thanks to this versatile machine.

We’re also better placed than ever to produce truly sustainable labels. The FL1 Prime’s ‘Slitting and Rewinding’ function minimises waste, removing any unnecessary edge trim. It also works on smaller reels for easier processing.

The FL1 aligns perfectly with our number one business motto, ‘simple yet effective’, and it turns that motto into ‘simple, effective and sustainable’.

As a genuinely affordable option, it also makes total business sense when it comes to keeping our costs low. And the payoff is high – it’ll improve proactivity, decrease friction, increase reliability and guarantee pristine labels every time. All the things we love to deliver here at Kingfisher.


Levelling Up with a New FL1 Prime Press

Customer Satisfaction is our Constant Priority

Our customers’ happiness always comes first. They’ve come to expect industry expertise, forward-thinking methods and a consistently high-quality end result, and we’re delighted that our second FL1 Prime Press will continue to meet these expectations (and create them for new customers).

Our partners at Edale have faith in us and this faith goes both ways – we’ll always be champions of their products. The part they’ve played in our business evolution cannot be overstated.

If you’d like to find out more about Edale machines and our expertise in the field of labelling solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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