The leaves are falling from trees, the mornings are growing colder and crisper, and our move into a new facility with double the capacity is underway. There’s never been a better time to reimagine your self-adhesive labels. And, if you do so with Kingfisher, you’ll do so with the help of trusted, experienced professionals and quality label printing machinery.

Labelling is an integral part of packaging for many businesses, making the difference between a product that gets noticed and purchased and a product that falls by the wayside and eventually winds up discontinued.

Labelling done correctly can shape your brand and aesthetic. Labelling done poorly can give off a completely wrong impression to potential customers, causing a loss of sales.

All of this makes changing the way things are done relatively daunting. Thankfully, as a business grown from humble beginnings, we know all the questions and concerns that SMEs face incredibly well. We’re not just here to get the job done for you – we’re here to get it done right. Here are five reasons you might want to enlist our support and change up your labelling this autumn…

1. Refreshment and rebranding

Switching out your product labels could be one crucial element of a more extensive rebrand and company refreshment, including digital and physical transformations. To figure out whether it’s time to start a new chapter in this department, ask questions such as:

  • Have we outgrown our old logo and colour scheme?
  • Do we want to connect with our customers on a new level/in a different way?
  • Is our current labelling genuinely aligned with our ethos and voice?

Whatever the reason you’re contemplating a fresh look, the journey to achieving that starts and ends with packaging.

2. Incorporating new products and features

Every product deserves branding that lets it shine. This means that every time you introduce a new product to customers, you should invest in a quality, bespoke label that helps it do just that.

Similarly, your labelling should express all that your brand has to offer, from innovative formula changes to eco-friendly efforts. Don’t leave anything important on the table when it could be included somewhere on the bag/bottle/box/etc.

Elevating shelf appeal and aesthetic

3. Elevating shelf appeal and aesthetic

Shoppers spend around 27 seconds deciding on a purchase in the aisle, so that half-minute impression has to do a lot of heavy lifting. It’s not long, but with the right eye-catching, sleek aesthetic, it’s long enough. Elevating your shelf appeal can totally change how customers receive your brand.

If you’ve not changed your labels since the early days of running your business, chances are that some of your initial decisions were based more on cost savings than anything else. With the benefit of growth and time, you could use your new resources to reassess and reimagine.

4. Centering sustainability

At Kingfisher, we’re dedicated to making our manufacturing and design processes as sustainable as possible. When waste can be reduced or methods changed to protect our planet, we’re on the case.

If your business is similarly focused on carbon footprint minimisation and eco-conscious solutions, we have a range of labels and methods that will suit your needs. We’d love to help you take meaningful steps in the right direction.

5. Improving packaging quality

You’d be surprised how much the customer notices – and how impactful even minor adjustments in durability and finish can be. Thanks to our label printing machinery from trusted industry leaders like Edale and Mark Andy, our quality is hard to beat, and our colour and volume capacities are constantly improving. (Especially since, as mentioned, we’ve just doubled the size of our facility!)

Furthermore, thanks to our experienced team members in the office and on the floor, we’re able to go above and beyond, ensuring:

  • All of our labels meet the client’s desired quality standard
  • All of our labels are thoroughly quality-checked
  • Maintaining and improving the quality of our labelling remains a top priority

We’re here to listen

If the reasons listed above have resonated for your business, the next step is up to you. Contact us, and we’ll be thrilled to start a conversation about how we can help.

Working together, we’ll do all we can to meet your needs and preferences, innovating and collaborating to solve any problems. We’re always here to listen and never advocate for a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to doing business.

When the time is right to invest in our self-adhesive labelling solutions, be it this autumn or a year from now in autumn 2024, don’t hesitate to get in touch.