We first let you in on the exciting secret almost a year and a half ago: A huge factory relocation operation was on the cards for Kingfisher Labels, and we’d be working hard to find the perfect premises for our bright future. Now, those carefully laid plans are finally coming to fruition. We’ve found an ideal facility, and we’re moving in.

Yes, you’ve got that right – we’re currently settling into a brand new space, double the size of our previous home. What could be better for our growing team? What could be more directly in line with our clear and sustained desire to increase capacity and better serve our clients?

This article will give you all the details on our move to greener pastures (pastures that happen to be just down the road, minimising any potential for disruption) and exciting growth plans for the space…

An incredible new chapter starts here

Back in 1996, when Kingfisher was founded, we could never have predicted where our labelling company would end up in 2023. We’re so proud of how this once-tiny business has grown and succeeded through many different circumstances over the decades.

Our customers are the driving force behind all of this; we never lose sight of that. Their continued investment in our expansion and success has made this move to a larger facility both possible and necessary. We’re committed to continually meeting their needs and providing self-adhesive labelling solutions at high volume and quality levels.

So, after careful planning and an extensive search for a suitable space, we’re thrilled to tell you that the move is underway. We’ve got the keys in hand and are ready to make this space our new and improved hub for various labelling services local to Bristol.

Our 2.0 workspace can be found at the following address: Hawksworth House, Great Western Business Park, Hawksworth Road, Yate, Bristol, BS37 5NW.

Existing customers will note that this isn’t far from our previous premises, and they’ll be absolutely correct. It’s minutes away, so the move from site to site is more straightforward than you might expect.

Big plans for Hawksworth House

Big plans for Hawksworth House

There’s a lot to sort out as we hit the ground running in this new facility, but we still have an eye on the bigger picture. All of the above means:

  1. Our ability to serve the local customer base in Bristol and the surrounding areas will be unaffected. We’re delighted to be staying in the beautiful town of Yate.
  1. We anticipate no disruption to our service provision for existing and new customers. Much careful planning has gone into this move from site to site to make that possible.
  1. We will have double the space to fill with talented staff and quality label printing machinery. With plenty of room to improve workflow and capacity, you can expect great things from us in the near future.

On the third point, we’ve already added to our technological capabilities with the recent purchase of a Pro 3 digital press. To quote the industry-leading manufacturer of the Pro 3, Mark Andy: “Digital Pro delivers more speed, a lower cost to print, and the Pro Factor: having the avenue to choose the right digital program without compromises.”  

From here, we will continue making machinery and technology investments to enhance our service provision. We’ve also been expanding our workforce and welcoming new employees lately, and we’ll keep that up in our new home.

Our staff are the heart of our business, pushing us from strength to strength, and we know recent and long-time team members alike will thrive in the Hawksworth House factory space.

 All thanks to our brilliant customers

The potential of our brand new location is inspiring and exciting, and we have more robust plans than ever for levelling up. We’re experts in the field of self-adhesive labels, constantly increasing our ability to serve a wide range of businesses – and this move is one essential facet of that.

 We’ve reached the point at which relocating to a new facility is financially viable thanks to the support of our customers, so we send, once again, a huge thank you their way. 

Whether you’re an existing customer or a fresh face, we’d love to discuss how we can help meet your labelling needs. Get in touch today to start a productive conversation.

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