With so much competition on the shelves of supermarkets and stores, it’s hard for businesses to stand out in 2022.

Establishing a brand identity and consistently conveying quality are both essential if you want your products to be noticed and appreciated. ‘Peel and reveal’ labels, in the modern packaging industry, are a massive part of that.

Peel and reveal labels are multi-page self-adhesive labels glued together by quality adhesive solutions. The consumer can peel off the layers and read whatever information lies beneath (from essential ingredient information to the story of the product), but the label itself doesn’t have to be massive to contain all of that content.

With the introduction of these labels, which allow brands to catch a customer’s eye first and then give them all the essential details, the way companies label their stock was revolutionised.

Peel and reveal labels rely on creativity, state-of-the-art technology and a proactive commitment to quality. Thankfully, Kingfisher Labels has all three of those things on hand, and our label printing machinery is very much up to the task of producing incredible peel-and-reveal solutions.

Read on, and we’ll reveal all the advantages of this labelling technique, from saving space to clarifying brand identity.

Why Choose Peel and Reveal?

The biggest reason to opt for peel and reveal labels is that brands usually only have limited space to fit in everything that must be included on a product’s packaging, and these labels save space.

All the information that must be provided can be provided without taking up too much marketing or branding space. This means there’s more room to make a stand-out impact with your brand logo, aesthetics and voice.

While they require variations to presses and machinery and often need careful colour management, modifications tend to be straightforward – especially with Kingfisher’s world-class technology on your side.


Complex Labels, Simple Solutions

For companies in the food, beverage and healthcare industries, there’s even more incentive to stick with peel and reveal. These labels usually require the inclusion of a lot of essential details. For example, it’s vital to list all food labelling nutrition information.

We have over 25 years of experience supplying various industries, including the food and beverage industry, and we know from first-hand experience what these labels require.

We also know that peel and reveal labels are well-equipped to meet these needs. And finally, we know that our Edale machines and high operational standards are waiting to help you incorporate these labels into your product packaging.

Let Kingfisher Help Your Brand Stand Out

At Kingfisher Labels, we supply many clients with labels that involve complex information, and we understand that brand identity should never get lost in the labelling – even when there’s a lot to say in a small space!

Our peel and reveal labels are all high-quality and clearly presented, with a tough exterior. Our technology ensures that they’re solid and resistant to ripping and tearing. Our Edale machines, like the FL1 Prime Press, are servo-driven so that information can be applied effectively without any mistakes.

Our commitment to dynamic labelling solutions has satisfied many businesses in Bristol and the surrounding area. They know that our peel and reveal labels can help them get their products off the shelves and into the hands of happy customers.

As proven by our clear explanation of why peel and reveal labelling solutions have changed the industry, we know what makes a label great.

We also know how to help our clients make an impact with their customers. Driven by forward-thinking solutions and the desire to provide reliable, quality service, peel and reveal labels are just the latest step in our journey.

Get in touch today to learn more about our labelling practices and explore how we can help your business.

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