‘Future-proofing’ is an umbrella term referring to the efforts that a company makes to enhance longevity and pave the way for lasting success. At Kingfisher Labels, we recognise the necessity of efforts like these – both in terms of our future and our loyal customers’ businesses.

Effective future-proofing is much the same as effective weather-proofing. It takes many forms depending on context, but it’s all about creating something that can outlast the storm.

Having moved through various storms since we opened our doors in 1996, including the Great Recession and the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to do our fair share of future-focused strategising on Kingfisher’s behalf. Now, in 2024, we continue to thrive and grow.

Plus, having always deeply prioritised our customers, we’ve done a lot of strategising concerning future-proof labelling options for businesses in industries from medicine to food.

These are our six crucial takeaways…

1. Aim to be sustainable (in every sense)

You’ll traditionally hear the term ‘sustainable business practices’ applied to environmentally friendly decisions and offerings. While these ARE crucial when future-proofing, so is the broader concept of sustainability.

The concept of only making choices for the brand and company that it will be capable of sustaining, maintaining and keeping up as time goes on.

Consistency is crucial, and going back on your word is a surefire way to damage the future of your business by eroding customer trust and confidence.

2. Prioritise employee retention

We know the following very well at Kingfisher Labels: Your business is as strong (or as weak) as the team you’ve built.

Our staff members are engaged, competent, creative and thoughtful, constantly driving us toward bigger and better things. If you can feel similarly about each of your employees and prioritise retention by valuing their happiness at work, your business will stand a better chance of attaining longevity.

3. Care for the environment

Returning partially to our first strategy, you must never forget to consider the environmental side of sustainability. As time passes, eco-conscious methods and business practices are rightfully becoming the norm. We have one planet and a duty of care to protect it as best we can.

This means monitoring, reducing and offsetting emissions as applicable. This also means looking into things like eco-friendly packaging and labelling to minimise the impact of a particular product, both during and after its creation.

Turn towards technology

4. Turn towards technology

Let’s take our industry as an example, with an awareness that the same story is essentially unfolding across the board…

In our commercial space, label printing technology is advancing a mile a minute, and new methods are regularly being discovered and implemented. To remain competitive and future-ready, we look toward these developments rather than away from them.

We refuse to remain stuck in a way of doing things if a better, more efficient option comes along.

5. Cultivate customer loyalty

If there’s one thing we’ve never changed in almost three decades, it’s our unwavering belief in a quality customer experience.

While our machinery might be updated and our printing methods might change, our final products will remain of a discerningly high standard, and our customer care will continue to encourage repeat business/politely and swiftly handle any concerns.

If you can do the same, that consistency will become crucial to your company’s future.

6. Diversify, innovate and share

Don’t stick to one thing; don’t be afraid to try a new service, product or approach if it feels right for the brand. If businesses only did things in the exact ways they’d been done before, nothing new would ever be created.

Similarly, don’t forget to loop in your customers and digital followers about what you get up to – particularly if you’re trying something new. Let them be the first to root for you.

Your perfect labels are waiting

If our future-proofing strategies have left you wondering whether you might need to switch out your current labelling in favour of fully sustainable self-adhesive labels, we can help.

Even those who missed our recent Open Day events in April can still get in touch and arrange a visit to our premises – potentially forming the starting point of a long and productive professional relationship.

Contact us when you’re ready to explore our eco-friendly, customisable and flexible labelling solutions.

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