Expansion and recognition.

These are the two words that best describe our latest news. As we move away from the halfway mark of 2023 and summer starts to draw to a close, we’re pleased to share a few of the successes currently being celebrated at Kingfisher Labels Limited.

In mid-June, a lovely evening at the FIA (Flexographic Industry Association) UK Awards 2023 saw us walking away with a Gold Award and some much-appreciated praise for our innovative labels. (The FIA is the country’s leading flexographic trade association, and they’re as dedicated as we are to principles of collaboration and education.)

The fun doesn’t stop there, however! FlexoTech, another respected industry giant, recently named us an award finalist ahead of their 2023 Awards. This ceremony will be held in October, and having secured a double award win last year, we have high hopes for similar success this time around.

As for what we’ve been up to back at base? This summer, we’ve onboarded three incredible new team members. Our ongoing commitment to increasing operational capacity is evident, and we’re thrilled to be adding to Kingfisher’s working family.

FIA UK Awards 2023

Awards worth writing home about

At the FIA UK Awards 2023, on the evening of June 15th, we were lucky enough to win a ‘Labels Printed on Film’ Gold Award for our work on Moor Beer’s Italian Pilsner label. We’re proud of this product and all our label printing techniques, and we love when others – especially awarding bodies – recognise the work we do to create stand-out self-adhesive labelling options for our clients.

When we head to the FlexoTech International Print & Innovations Awards 2023 on October 11th, we’ll be battling for the win in one of 19 total categories (ranging from four sub-sets of ‘Flexible Packaging’ to things like ‘Best Use of Embellishment’ or ‘Best Newcomer’).

Our category is ‘Labels (Process)’ – or, in the words of FlexoTech, ‘Using process primary inks to create colour shades (CMYK, EGP and similar)’ – and we’re thrilled to have attained finalist status.

Of course, awards aren’t everything. But for us, they’re a clear sign that we’re on the right track, innovating on behalf of our customers and working to give them the best of the best. Industry experts are well-placed to appreciate and confirm the value we offer.

A warm Kingfisher welcome

The continued support of our loyal customers is a testament to the variety we offer and the quality of the final products we produce. It means the world to us, and we’re happy to have reinvested some of that customer-driven success into growing our business and protecting our ability to provide quality customer service at every turn. 

We’ve recently welcomed three new employees to Kingfisher Labels. Pictured left to right, meet Jenny Thomas (Sales Administrator), Adam Jefferies (Artwork Design/Customer Service), and Laurie New (Sales Administrator).

Jenny, Adam and Laurie will all have a precious part to play in increasing our efficiency and strengthening our workforce. We prioritise nothing above people, both in terms of the customers we work with and the individuals we hire to keep things running smoothly.

Adam Jefferies
Laurie New

Keep watching this ever-improving space

We told you at the start of this year that 2023 would be a phase of growth and well-placed investment for Kingfisher Labels, and we were correct.

Whether you’re looking into our services for the first time or you’ve been working alongside us on your labelling products for years, watch this space to see how we continue to improve and elevate in the future. We’ll never stop working to take things to the next level.

If you’re ready to make labelling magic with the benefit of our experience and expertise, reach out and start a conversation today.  

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