One of our most important investments this year?

Our RotoAdjust automated anvils, which were installed by RotoMetrics and Maxcess technicians just a couple of months ago. Market-leading adjustable anvils are a must for us, and there are many reasons why.

Even for the most experienced in label production, it takes time and effort to shut down a press for the purpose of switching substrates (changing the material/liner being printed on). This is especially true when switching between materials that vary in thickness. And, even with inspections, careful maintenance and proper use, rotary dies can wear down and start to cut unevenly in time.

Using adjustable anvils, we can tackle these two core issues – the challenges of design and liner variation and the reduced quality that worn components could cause – and many more…

Consistency and Efficiency at Work

Quality final results are a certainty when each element of our label printing machinery performs effectively, from our FL1 Prime Presses to our anvils. That’s why we continue to invest in the latest labelling technology, and that’s why, in particular, we’re investing in these intelligent die station equipment pieces from Maxcess brand RotoMetrics.

At the most basic level, our RotoAdjust Dual Adjustable Anvils enable the production of high-quality self-adhesive labels more quickly and efficiently. They allow us to:

  1. Easily control liner thickness variation to ensure each label is precisely and correctly cut.
  1. Switch between different materials, including PET, Glassine and Kraft, to cut new liner variations WITHOUT completely shutting down our presses and resetting everything.
  1. Utilise an intuitive design controller that gives printers precise power over the anvil’s real-time movements.
  1. Benefit from an advanced lubrication system that helps prevent web contamination and reduces the maintenance burden.
  1. Receive alerts, thanks to Industry 4.0 analytics, when failure points develop or die station components have become worn/could begin to impact label quality negatively.


Our printers are already enjoying the ease of switching between label types! And now that these anvils are installed and working hard? We’re excited to boost our productivity and expand our client base.

Especially given that this improvement is one of many ambitious growth plans we’ll be implementing this year. We’re pleased with how 2023 is shaping up – and we’re not even halfway through yet.

We’re determined to continue to elevate Kingfisher Labels, keeping up with the latest methods and maintaining stand-out client service, whether we’re producing Day Dot food safety labels or innovative metallic foil labels with a new, sustainable twist. And, on the topic of our foiling method…

Sharing New Metallic Methods

Last month’s blog outlined our exciting new method of metallic label creation. We can now produce metallics in any Pantone shade on-site, getting things done for our clients much more rapidly than we could when we were ordering custom cold foils for any shades beyond silver and gold.

Essentially, rather than using polypropylene film to create shelf appeal with uniquely coloured metallics, we can now allow our customers to go plastic-free and compromise-free with cold foil that isn’t colour-limited. Our Sales Director, Andy Watts, went into more detail concerning this method and its exciting eco-friendly implications in the April issue of Converter Magazine, which is now available online.

Our metallic experimentation journey began with long-standing, treasured client Wiper and True, whom we worked with collaboratively to produce an alcohol-free beer label that ticked every box for both parties.

Sharing New Metallic Methods

If you’d like to visit our facility and collaborate similarly on a project, putting our heads together to produce the perfect results, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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