So many factors can affect a customer’s perception of a brand – not least the product packaging, which usually makes the first impression (for better or for worse). With 2024 close at hand, could your business adopt a ‘New Year, New Look’ approach with the help of our versatile, quality labelling solutions?

 From cutting-edge technologies to a flexible range of papers, foils, inks and varnishes, Kingfisher Labels is the opposite of a one-trick pony.

Need a high-volume print run of durable, chemically resistant pharmaceutical labels? We’re up to the task. Searching for a beautiful, unique label for your up-and-coming brewery’s latest concoction? We’re ready to get stuck in. Let’s explore how you could raise your brand awareness and strengthen your company’s identity with our support

Beautiful, eye-catching branding

At Kingfisher, we encourage loyalty and maintain a low customer turnover rate by going above and beyond. From the design phase to final delivery, we’re attentive to what’s best for your brand. All our labelling products are made to do more than get the job done – they’re made to align as closely as possible with your needs and wants, ticking every conceivable box.

As our recent relocation to a larger facility should prove, we’re always striving to improve. We’re always working to better our service provision, expand our capacity, and increase the level of choice and customisability we can offer. Currently, our customers benefit from:

  • A vast number of papers, foils, inks and varnishes (including textured inks and varnishes)
  • Clear, white, metallised and textured face material options, using either a glassine or recyclable PET layer
  • Double-layer labels
  • See-through labels
  • Reverse-side-printed labels
  • Specialist labels (various types of medical labelling, day dot food labels, etc.)
  • Unique numbering options
  • Proven hot melt and acrylic adhesive techniques that allow for a high-speed application process 

And much more! If, at any given time, you spot a type of labelling that we don’t yet offer our customers, you can rest easy knowing that we’re working on adding it to the roster in the future.

Raising Brand Awareness via Labelling

Exciting, quality solutions

Our awareness of the latest adhesive technologies keeps Kingfisher ahead of the curve. We regularly make future-savvy, eco-friendly investments in new label printing machinery from trusted partners, such as Mark Andy and Edale.

Though we’re proud to be on-trend and implementing the latest exciting, game-changing techniques, we’re also well aware that quality is the one thing that never goes out of style.

On the product side of things, we continue to combine the best face stock with the best adhesive for the job, producing reliable results across various industries and in many different contexts. On the customer service side of things, we continue to prioritise giving our customers the care and focus they deserve, creating a notable and consistent quality of experience.

Find your WOW factor with Kingfisher Labels

From metallics to UV labels to flexographic technologies, the chances are high that we can help emphasise your brand’s WOW factor, drawing your unique selling points to the surface.

We’re proud to produce eye-catching, impactful products that showcase the authentic voices of our customers and their companies, and we’ll keep working to refresh our methods and develop effective bespoke solutions as we settle into our new premises next year.

If you’re ready for a fresh take on your packaging in 2024, please contact us soon. Let’s start a conversation about how we can help.

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