Late last year, Kingfisher Labels shared the news that we’d purchased a cutting-edge Mark Andy digital press.

Now that we’re back at work in chilly January, we’re not wasting a second of 2024. As of this month, our exciting tech investment is officially ‘live’ and hard at work in the new premises.

One of the most significant aims of our recent relocation? Finding a larger site to accommodate for technological expansion. In other words, we were searching for a space to spread our wings, double down on our growth, and increase both quality and capacity for our valued customers.

We’re now comfortably settled in that space, with our first expansion-focused investment up and running. The Digital Pro 3 label press, created by the seasoned printing industry experts over at Mark Andy, is the most productive small-format product currently available in this arena. With a max speed of 77 fpm, it’s the perfect tool for affordable, streamlined short-run printing.

Why go Digital Pro?

Since digital printing took off, the industry has been constantly evolving. Our labelling technology has kept pace with that impressive evolution every step of the way. We regularly make label printing machinery investments that align with best practices, and we’re always keen to find new ways to increase our efficiency and improve our service provision.

So, with all this in mind, why did we invest in the Mark Andy Digital Pro 3? What features drew us to this purchase, in particular?

We were interested in all of the following:

  • Numerous printing options – The CMYX dry toner electrophotography printing process utilised by the Pro 3 produces high-quality 1200 dpi prints. Plus, we can incorporate decorating and converting options ranging from spot colouring and varnishing to die cutting and cold foiling. Unique, well-made labels are very much on the table.
  • Numerous substrate options – With the Mark Andy Digital Pro 3 press, we can use various substrates to produce our labels, including pressure-sensitive stock, unsupported paper, tag stocks, PVC or vinyl. We also don’t need to do any preliminary priming or coating to prepare these materials for printing.
  • Endless run possibilities – Digital Pro machines were conceptualised, designed and produced to increase efficiency, flexibility and profitability. With our Pro 3, we can easily meet customer needs, whether they’re hoping for a niche micro run of a seasonal product label or coming to us for durable, stringently regulated food and beverage labels.
  • Integration and future-proofing – The Pro 3 (and the lower-priced Pro 1 model) was made to be incorporated within our existing workflows at the warehouse. This made getting it up and running much more straightforward. Plus, the Pro 3 can be kept in line with our operations as they change (and as the industry continues to transform) over time.
  • The Mark Andy factor – Mark Andy is a respected, well-known name in the digital printing industry and the world’s leading manufacturer of narrow and mid-web printing and finishing equipment. The team at Mark Andy offer customers, including us, incredible peace of mind via product training, service and inspection programmes.
Made to meet your needs

Made to meet your needs

As mentioned above, the Digital Pro 3 is the first of many investments we’ll be making in our new and improved premises. We plan to fill the space, optimise our workflow, and continue to level up throughout 2024 and beyond. And, though the technology and methodology will change with time, one thing will remain consistent…

Kingfisher’s customer-first approach to doing business. All our self-adhesive labels are made to meet your needs, produced in conversation and collaboration. 

Whether you’re an existing customer with your next label run in mind or a fresh face with an idea you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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