Another fantastic year for Kingfisher Labels is coming to an end.

We have so much to be thankful for and merry about this holiday season. So, just as we did at the end of 2022, we’re recapping our achievements across the last 365 days and setting our goals for 2024.

How do you measure a year? In hours? In days? In sales? In cups of coffee? The choice is yours, but we at Kingfisher Labels often opt to measure in ‘successes’. In events, investments, and wins worth writing home about – things we’re proud to have achieved. Successes can be hard to quantify, but you know them when you experience them. And this year? We’ve experienced plenty.

For our final article of the year, let’s take the time to look back at our 2023 highlights and briefly explore how we hope to spend the next 12 months… 

What did we achieve in 2023?

  • We cemented our environmental commitments – At the start of the year, we were declared compliant with ‘Zero Labels 2 Landfill’ and ‘Zero Foil 2 Landfill’, schemes sponsored by BPIF Labels and run by Reconomy. This certification exemplifies our ongoing commitment to eco-friendly packaging and environmentally conscious labelling.
  • We sponsored our local community – We proudly sponsored the Downend Flyers Under-12 Hawks for their 2022/23 season, offering a group of football-loving girls in the Bristol community some well-deserved support and investment. The Hawks’ philosophy is all about never giving up, and we’re very much on the same page.
  • We continued to invest in label printing machinery – Focused on expanding our options and increasing capacity for our customers, our notable purchases this year have included two RotoAdjust automated adjustable anvils with Industry 4.0 analytics, two additional Edale print units, and a Mark Andy Digital Pro 3 press. 
  • We expanded our amazing team of employees – Just as we did in 2022, we added several crucial new staff members to the team behind the labels in 2023. We’re very proud of their work thus far to improve and elevate Kingfisher Labels, and we know they’ll only continue to add value to our company in the New Year.
  • We worked closely with clients, collaborating and innovating – For example, we collaborated with Wiper and True to develop an efficient labelling solution for their new beer. We realised that spot printing a Pantone colour over silver cold foil could achieve a similar result to a specific blue cold foil shade that we’d have had to source from Germany. 
  • We enjoyed award recognition – In June, we came away from the Flexographic Industry Association UK Awards with a ‘Labels Printed on Film’ Gold Award for Moor Beer’s Italian Pilsner label. Later in the year, we proudly reached finalist status at the FlexoTech International Print & Innovations Awards 2023 in the ‘Labels (Process)’ category.
  • We successfully relocated to a much larger facility – This was our crowning jewel of the year and a plan over a year in the making. We successfully ended 2023 on a high with our move to Hawkesworth House. Just down the road from our previous facility but around double the size, this site has potential written all over it.
Kingfisher Group shot

Our top three goals for 2024

  1. We’ll fill out our new premises – As we’ve mentioned several times, our new site is notably larger than our last. This was a very intentional upgrade, and we have big plans to fill our Hawkesworth House premises – in 2024 and beyond – with new technology, new machinery and new employees to keep everything running smoothly.
  2. We’ll continue to invest in quality and capacity – With every investment we make in our business, we’ll keep asking ourselves two essential questions. Firstly, ‘How will this improve the quality of our service provision for customers?’ Secondly, ‘How will this increase our operational capacity and allow us to serve more customers?’
  3. We’ll keep enhancing our ability to offer bespoke, tailored solutions – We relish the chance to collaborate with our customers, and that’s something we want to encourage in 2024. Bespoke advice is available at Kingfisher Labels from the design phase onwards, and we’re always open to innovation, creativity, and trialling new methods.

Will you invest in self-adhesive labels next year?

All in all, we have a lot to brag about in terms of our 2023 achievements and even more to look forward to in 2024.

As you start to set your business’s goals for the New year, consider whether a new product might benefit from a bespoke labelling solution. Question if it might be time for a complete branding and packaging overhaul. Ask how our services could help your company grow its consumer base.

Then, whether you’re an existing customer or a brand-new face, get in touch to chat about how we can help you next year.

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